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"A Draft of Proposed Div of Ecological Restoration Regulations on Drawdowns"
DER - Draft

Pontoosuc Lake Water Quality Statistical Analysis
Spring Rain, Then Foul Algae in Ailing Lake Erie
Laurel Lake Drawdown Evaluation Report
Wagner Memo Expanding on Drawdown Report
Zequanox Presentation by Carrie Link of Marrone Bio Innovations - 45 minutes
2010 Boat Ramp Monitoring Results by DCR - 45 minutes
Lake Management Issues Panel - A discussion by 4 PhD's - 90 minutes



"There is nothing .. absolutely nothing .. half as much worth doing as  simply messing about in boats."

(Rat, Wind in The Willows, by Kenneth Grahame)
Unless, of course, the water is choked with invasive weeds, fouled by algae blooms, and contaminated with bacteria. Then not only does boating lose its appeal but swimming becomes hazardous, fishing is next to impossible, aesthetics are impacted, wildlife suffers, and property values plummet.

This is why the lakes and ponds of western Massachusetts need LAPA-West and why LAPA-West needs YOU!


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